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[24X7 Call ]~Paytm Helpline Number 0120-4456-456

Paytm (Paytm), whose full name is "Pay Through Mobile". (Did you know that?) Is an Indian Electronic Payment Company. The founder of Paytm is the Honorable "Vijay Shekhar Sharma".

Paytm was launched as an Online Mobile Recharge Website in August 2010 by its parent company (owner) "One97 Communication Limited". However, today Paytm has become a Payment Bank. Paytm Wallet facility is also provided by Paytm. Through which you can do tasks like Online Recharge, Bill Payments, Ticket Booking, Money Transfer by UPI, sitting at home in minutes. Paytm Helpline Number for Talking with Hindi or English Dial to -> 0120-4456-456

what is the Paytm customer care number?

Paytm customer care service 24 * 7 is on. The Paytm team will try and solve all issues on priority & contact you for any help.


  • Customer Care Helpline Numbers for Paytm Bank, Wallet & Payments 0120-4456-456
  • Paytm Travel and Hotels Paytm customer care helpline number 0120-4880-880
  • Paytm Mall Shopping Orders helpline number for customer care 0120-4606060
Paytm customers Care Called between 10 AM to 8 PM Only

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Paytm Helpline Number

Paytm Mobile Wallet is becoming the best medium to pay digitally. Those who have a smartphone will be familiar with the Paytm mobile wallet. And will be using Paytm. If you also have a smartphone. And now you have not used Paytm Wallet, so after reading this post, you should also start using Paytm Wallet, and make payments through Paytm Mobile Wallet itself. And make your life cashless. For money refund, JC problem can be done from Paytm helpline no in Hindi and English. Paytm helpline number is talked about toll-free.

What is Paytm?

Paytm, also known as an e-wallet, is a mobile app that acts as a virtual wallet. This is a prepaid service in which money has to be invested first. Then we can use this money online shopping, online payment, bill payment, ticket booking sitting at home. This gives us freedom from having cash. It is a prepaid digital wallet. Paytm contact number or customer care number

Paytm is available for almost every mobile platform (Operating System). You can download and install the Paytm app from the Google Play Store for Android phones. If you use any other mobile operating system. So this mobile wallet is available for them too. You can download the Paytm app from Windows App Store for Windows Phone. And you can download it from the App Store for iPhone.

What is Paytm Wallet used for?

You can use Paytm to pay for more than a dozen services. We have explained below some of the common uses of Paytm in Detail. Paytm can also get more information from the help center number.

Pay with Paytm
Through Paytm, you can receive payments from your friends, customers. And you can also send money to your friends. Apart from this, you can also pay for Online Taxi Services like Uber, Meru, Jugnoo, etc. Paytm refund customer care number, payment from Paytm and take payment can be called by taking all information.

Pay Online Recharge and Bills from Paytm
You can recharge your Prepaid Mobile online through Paytm Mobile Wallet. And you can also pay postpaid mobile bills like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Tata, MTS, Vodafone, Ides. Apart from this, you can also pay DTH Recharge, electricity bill, gas bill, water bill through Paytm. With Paytm toll-free numbers you are able to solve any problem related to online recharge and paying bills.

Ticket Booking
You can book Flight Ticket, Train Ticket, Bus Ticket online through Paytm. And Ticket for your favorite movies can also be booked through Paytm. Paytm air ticket and bus ticket booking facility also available for any issue contact to Paytm Customer care Number for 0120-4456-456

Online Shopping
You can easily do online shopping for yourself through Paytm. You can do shopping of Top Selling Products at Paytm. Users are also given a huge discount on Paytm.any query relected to Online Shopping Contact to Paytm Customer Care Number 0120-4456-456

Sending money from Paytm to Bank
With Paytm, you can send money from your Paytm Wallet to your bank account in all major banks. And you can easily transfer money to your friends' bank accounts as well. Paytm complaint number customer care 0120-4456-456
Pay - Do Payments
You can pay online anywhere through the Paytm app. This app has been accepted by almost every online payment gateway. Therefore, you can use Paytm to make payments on the Internet.

Online Shopping - Online Shopping
Paytm shop name is - Paytm Mall. You must have heard the name and bought it. Like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, you can also do online shopping from home from Paytm Mall. Here you get a lot of goods from clothes to jewelery, mobiles, smart TVs and other electronic items. To solve the problem related to online shopping, you are suspicious by contacting the paytm shopping customer care number.

Bank Facility - Enjoy Bank Facility
Paytm is not just a prepaid wallet. Rather, it is a companion to the digital lifestyle. Paytm is paid by the bank. Yes yes There is also a Paytm bank. In which you can get the money deposited and withdrawn.

Through this bank, you get all the facilities of a payment bank. You can learn more about this from our second post, Paytm Payment Bank.

Recharge & Bill Payment - Recharges and Bills
Paytm was started for this work. You can recharge any SIM operator from Paytm Wallet. And you can also check the best offers and plans before recharging. Recharges and Bills by helpline number of paytm, you can take the entire information.

Get Money - Receive Money
If you want to get money from somewhere, then there is no need to deposit it in the bank. You can also get money directly in Paytm Wallet. Simply, the sender has to give his Paytm number.

Donate - Donate Money
Most government and non-government donors are connected on Paytm. Therefore, you can also donate through Paytm.

Buy Fastag - Buy FASTag
FASTag is a part of the plan to digitalize the toll. Which has been made mandatory for every vehicle. However, some concession has been granted. Therefore, not everyone is using it. If you want information about paytm fastag, then you will get easy solution to your problem by talking to helpline number 0120-4456-456

Apart from banks, it has also been made available online for its easy availability. Therefore, you can also buy it through Paytm Wallet. And you can recharge it from here too.

This is an easy way to manage Fastag. You must use it.

No Cash Needed - No Need of Cash
If you start using Paytm. Then you do not need to keep money in your pocket. You can pay even the smallest shopkeeper through Paytm app. And you can make your life digital.

Easy and Safe
How to run Paytm? Often such questions keep coming. But, the interface of Paytm is very easy. You soon learn how to pay with it.

Only your mobile number is enough to create a Paytm ID / account. Your money is also safe.

How to Talk to customer care executive of paytm?

if you talk to customer care executive of paytm talking with Hindi or English.And Explain Your Query in Details

How can I complain to Paytm?
If you have any issue releted to Paytm Service then you can contact to Paytm Customer Care Number

How to speak to paytm customer care?
Whenever you talk to paytm customer care, then speak Hindi and English in two languages ​​and talk to paytm customer care executive very calmly. If you can talk to customer care executive properly then only you can find solution to your problem.

Does Paytm refund money?
A lot of people also question whether Paytm refunds money. From my own experience, I came to know that Paytm is a highly reputed company and has a lot of customers, hence Paytm makes refunded money.

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Other features
Apart from all these features, Paytm also provides a lot of third party service. like; You can order food online from Swiggy, Zomato. Airplane tickets can be booked. Stock markets can invest in mutual funds, which is possible through the Paytm Money app.